Introducing the WUKF Rules Commission

Introducing the WUKF Rules Commission

The newly established WUKF World Karate Rules Commission signifies a transformative era for the sport, placing a focus on collaboration and teamwork. In a groundbreaking move, this commission will harness the collective expertise of athletes, coaches, and referees worldwide to develop our rules.

By embracing collaboration and teamwork, the commission creates a platform where stakeholders can actively contribute, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the evolution of sport karate; promoting unity and inclusivity to ensure that the rules reflect the needs and aspirations of our people.

The new commission will follow our values:

  • We are together as one team
  • We provide high quality competition
  • We work in the spirit of friendship and cooperation.
  • We believe in respect and fairness
  • We are a democratic non-profit making organisation.

In addition to input from officials, athletes and coaches, it is also important that those looking at the WUKF from the outside have an impression of high quality and fair competition.

The commission will be represented by

ExCom representatives:

  1. Liviu Crisan
  2. Jo Mirza
  3. Radu Munteanu

Referee Commission representatives:

  1. Sever Cucu
  2. Essam Shreif
  3. Steve Robinson

Athletes & Coach Commission representatives:

  1. Soren Helsted
  2. Mari du Preez
  3. Dan Woods

The WUKF Rules Commission is appointed by the Executive Committee and there must be no more than two representatives overall from the same country.

The WUKF Rules Commission will work in a democratic way with majority decisions and collective responsibility. Rule changes will be focused on the following pillars: innovation, fairness, ease of understanding and focus on quality.

Working process:

  • The commission will meet quarterly.
  • The Commission will be Chaired by President Liviu Crisan.
  • A Secretary will be appointed by the Rules Commission to collate minutes, action points and meeting preparations.