Coaches Education Program

The WUKF recognises that coaches play a huge role in the development of our sport across the world. We are committed to ensuring our coaches are as highly skilled as they can be, and we want to assist with ongoing learning and development.

The WUKF Athletes & Coaches Commission have prepared eLearning support in the form of a video which covers our rules and guidelines. This overview will help coaches better prepare their athletes and teams.

The WUKF Coaches Education Program is accredited by the EurEthICS Training Academy, which will allow you to obtain a certified EQF level qualification. We have introduced a graded assessment for WUKF Coach certification.

Any questions about the program can be sent to email:

WUKF Coaches Rules Summary Version 28 – WATCH HERE

You can view the WUKF General Rules Summary here

You can take the WUKF Coaches Exam here:

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