WUKF Values

  • We provide high Quality competition 
  • We are Together as One Team 
  • We work in the spirit of Friendship and cooperation 
  • We believe in Respect and Fairness 
  • We are Democratic non-profit making organisation 
  • We support the Confederation strategy
  • We support Clean sport

We are together as one team

WUKF is an open organisation and our key officers are  here to help and support 

  • Members contribute to the fabric and future of our  organisation 
  • We encourage membership feedback and dialogue 

We provide high-quality competition

WUKF will continue to develop our events and innovate our competition arrangements.  

  • We will evolve and develop our referees and staff 
  • We will continue to professionalise our events and technology

We work in the spirit of  friendship and cooperation

WUKF works to connect our members around the world in friendship and cooperation.  

  • Working together means we can achieve more than we can achieve alone
  • We aim to build friendship across borders and organisations

We believe in respect and fairness

WUKF believes in the founding Budo principles of respect and fairness for everyone.  

  • We will treat everyone equally and fairly in our  organisation 
  • Athletes, coaches, officials and supporters will treat  each other with respect

We are a democratic non-profit making  organisation

WUKF is a democratic organisation that serves to deliver the benefit of our members.  

  • Our structures and rules are transparent 
  • We are not-for-profit with the primary aim of adding benefit to our member  federations

We support the confederation strategy

WUKF supports the autonomy of member federations and believes that collaboration and teamwork should be encouraged between members federations.  

  • Member Federations can affiliate to WUKF directly 
  • Member Federations are encouraged to cooperate where possible

We support clean sport

WUKF believes that cheating is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport,  undermining the positive influence of sport on society. 

    • We believe in fair play 
    • We support WADA accreditation of our members across the World with local anti-doping agreements in place in member countries