WUKF British Open Karate Championships – London

The WUKF was delighted to host the inaugural WUKF British Open Karate Championships on Saturday 11th February in Crawley (London) at the K2 Arena.

The event brought together over 650 athletes from across the UK and further afield for one of the largest sport Karate events in the United Kingdom.

In attendance to support the event was Dr Liviu Crisan (WUKF World President) and Mr Roy O’Kane FRSA (WUKF Chief Operating Officer).

Speaking after the event, Mr Roy O’Kane said: “This event was an important step for the WUKF in the United Kingdom and it was great to see so many athletes from the across the Karate community attend in the spirit of cooperation and enjoyment of their sport. Thanks to our organising team and hardworking officials for their support.”