Open Ceremony - WUKF World Championship - Poland 2014

Tuesday, 14th of October, the Executive Board of United World Karate (UWK) will have the first working meeting at Szczecin, Poland.

The meeting will be conducted by Mr. Richard Jorgensen, UWK President, special invited by WUKF with the occasion of the 5th WUKF World Karate Championship for children, cadets and juniors.

Mr. Jorgensen and the other UWK Executive Board members will participate at the WUKF Congress that will take place on Wednesday, 15th of October.



The most important meeting in the history of the sport of karate was held in Lausanne, Switzerland - July 16 - 18, 2014. After three days of intensive meetings and positive discussion, major International Karate Federations set aside 35 years of differences and formed a unified body - United World Karate to represent the activity of karate world-wide.

"It is a dream come true," said Richard Jorgensen, Chairman of the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF) and newly elected President of United World Karate. "We have spent such a long time trying to achieve unification that it is hard to imagine it has finally happened."

By celebrating our diversity and combining our strengths, we have now been able to achieve the expectations of unification as outlined to us by the IOC Judicial Commission and endorsed by the 101st Session of the International Olympic Committee back in 1993."

"We have faced many disappointments in the past because we were unable to view karate as a diverse sport and martial art. Now, we have created an organization that includes 3 Distinct Competition Disciplines that will provide an open door for millions of athletes around the world to realize their opportunity to attend major recognized International Competitions such as the IOC Continental Games, Sport Accord Combat Games and hopefully, one day, realize their chance to compete in the Olympic Games." Jorgensen said. "Many of our national federation members of the founding organizations already have recognition from sport authorities at the national level including National Olympic Committees so our World Body, United World Karate now collectively represents one of the largest sport activities in the world."

The unification talks were joined by the Executive Officials from 16 countries representing the seven acknowledged major International & World Governing Bodies of Karate including, International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF), World Karate Confederation (WKC); World Union of Karate-do Federations (WUKF); International Karate Union (IKU); World United Karate Organization (WUKO), International Karate Organization - Kyokushinkaikan (IKOK) and World Fudokan Federation (WFF). These organizations represent more than 110 member countries representing millions of individual karate participants world-wide.

The organization will host the first United World Karate Championships in 2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

For more information contact:

Mr. Richard Jorgensen, President
United World Karate
Telephone +905-984-0117



Saturday, May 10, 2014


Verona, the well-known City of Romance, was for 5 days the City of Karate and we were the actors!

43 federations from 27 countries, 1572 participants registered into the on-line system and many parents and spectators that came to support their teams in the sportive “battle” of WUKF.

More than two years of preparations, three inspection visits for preparing 5 days of “fire”. But at the end everybody can add a page of glory and intense experience to their memories.

First days of seminars were very condensed, seminar of referees with 73 participants and technical seminars for styles and for kumite, offered free of charge by WUKF, brought in the dojo many athletes and coaches that had the chance to train with our masters.

The new way of registration proved the efficiency of our system, the delegates of the federations made in time and without stress the final corrections of their lists. The only problem was the making and printing of the superb ID cards assured by the photo company I’m Famous, but not well supported by the Sport Hall infrastructure and managers.

The high number of participants and the impossibility of communicating with some of the federation’s coaches speaking no English were the major problems that troubled the pre-established strategy that the organizers designed and presented at the Coach Seminar.

The national organizers, FEKAM, made tremendous efforts to assure all that was necessary for a smoothing run of the championship. Unfortunately not all they planned was possible to be accomplished. A huge mobile restaurant was contracted for serving the participants, but the exclusivity contract of the Sport Hall with another small buffet blocked this initiative that brought important disturbances into the protocol of referees and officials especially.

The competition was great like all the WUKF events, bringing lot of strong competitors into each category. A nice surprise was the Masters events where 139 of the best veterans registered and offered to all a high level show. Congratulation for all that demonstrated at Verona that the age can’t stop the high performance in Karate.

Friday, the children day, was for sure the most difficult one; the high number of participants and the difficulty of guiding them generated at the starting of the competition lot of troubles for the coaches and referees but finally all was finished in time and in a high sportive and friendship environment. Many very talented young athletes impressed the referees and the spectators with their performance and it is sure that the future of the quality in WUKF is assured.

The team’s competition was as we expected much disputed; more than in individual events the contests were dramatically but no incidents happened and no serious injuries.  It was the merit of the referee team that succeeded to keep the sportive attitude of the athletes and especially of the coaches. The new system of penalty for the coaches, tested with this occasion, works very well and will be applied in the future.

Sunday, the day of the finals, started with the March of the Finalists, a superb demonstration of sport attitude and friendship, of interest that WUKF is according to the champions. The march, the WUKF flag passing and especially the final hug are now WUKF brand and they remind to all that we meet at our events for sportive contests, not for wars.

At the end of the day the final classification was much waited, Italy with 4 federations won the big title and FRKWKC Romania was the most efficient federation. But who cares of these classifications? What remains is the satisfaction that WE WERE THERE, we were all WUKF !

The beauty of the City of Verona, the Juliet statue, the happiness of the people and many more are already kept into the personal social networks in the millions of photos that invade now the virtual environment. Now WUKF is on the lips of everyone because WUKF cares for you and is serving you.

Our next event will be the World Championship for children, cadets, youths and juniors that will take place in Poland at Szczecin, the Venice of the North. The national organizer, BKU Poland, Mr. Pawel Bombolewski will be helped by the other two Polish federations affiliated to WUKF. It is the best moment for Poland, no matter the federation, to promote the quality and the deep history of a great European people.

Because only this way “WE CAN DO THE BEST KARATE OF THE WORLD !”


Liviu Crisan

WUKF President
see entire

National Karate Federation Of Ireland

President: Joe Smith

Country: Ireland

Karate Association Denmark

President: Soren Helsted

Country: Denmark

International Okinawan Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate Do

President: Mahaguru Pathmanathan Palaniappen

Country: Malaysia

Sksm-- Karate Malta

President: Chris Galea

Country: Malta

Dojo Shotokan Karate Do Maturin

President: Jesus Gonzalez

Country: Venezuela

Alliance Of Shotokan Dojos

President: Tamas Soos

Country: Hungary


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

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