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Dear Karate friends, Tuesday, June 19, 2012 Dear Karate friends,
The European Championship at Irvine was not only a successful championship but a very good source of experience and new ideas. WUKF Executive Committee, the Referee Team and not at the last all the presidents of our affiliated federations had the opportunity to exchange ideas, proposals or future plans all of these contributing at the WUKF progress.

The Scotland experience leaded to an idea coming from the WUKF president experience that was discussed with almost all presidents presented at the last championship at Irvine and with the Referee Commission as well. Unanimously they approved the idea to change the frame of organizing the European events into a simpler one. Up to now WUKF organized European Championship for seniors and veterans in even years and European Championship for children, cadets and junior sin odd years. This system permitted to the junior categories to have continental championship yearly but the other categories only two years that was not fair for them. Also, some federations have only children teams so they have the opportunity to come to WUKF European Championships only once at two years. In the years that we shall organize the World events outside Europe some European countries will not have the possibility to participate due to the higher costs so they will miss WUKF competitions for one year.

The seniors and veterans championships allow the participation of competitors over 18 years old only and the cadets and especially the children (that are the WUKF future) don?t have the opportunity to participate into same events; they need to see and make idols from our seniors champions this being really frustrating for them.

We checked the statistic of our championships starting from 2005 and was easy to see that European children events (started successfully in 2009 at Constanta, Romania) were organized with more or less 1000 - 1200 competitors and the European seniors championships with more or less 350 - 500 competitors; a very important difference. This difference was important especially for the organizing federation that made nearly same efforts for both events but their incomes were very different. This could lead very easily in the near future to not have applications for organizing European senior championships.

So the only good solution was the one that the WUKF president proposed at Irvine: the European championships will be organized yearly for all ages.

Of course this solution will impose the selection of the sport halls very carefully because we can manage these events in 3 days only using 10-12 tatamis. The incomes that will go to the organizing federations will be 25% from the registration fees of individual and teams events (same like at World events) and will be this way more uniform for all WUKF events. Also due to the high number of participants (we expect to have more or less 1500 - 2000 participants) these incomes will be attractive for the federations that will apply for the organization of European events. And is easy to realize that the WUKF image will increase this way promoting and organizing events with 1500 competitors compared with the ones with 350-400 competitors.

We do believe that we can organize such big events; at Irvine we had more than 70 referees, enough for more than 12 tatamis and we are sure that the referee team will increase not only as number but especially as performance.
The first WUKF European Championship that will be organized using this frame will be at Sheffield, England where we already have a superb sport hall where we can easily fit 12 tatamis. Let?s see the next European championship applications for 2014, we promise you to choose the best location for European countries.

Liviu Crisan
General Secretary

4TH EUROPEAN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP FOR SENIORS AND VETERANS IRVINE, SCOTLAND Wednesday, May 30, 2012 WUKF new experience in Scotland started today with the first activities: registration of participants and referee seminars.

European Championship 2012 announce to be one of the strongest from WUKF history; 38 federations from 22 countries and more than 400 participants applied on-line using the WUKF on-line system of registration. Tomorrow, at the end of the registration time, we shall know the exact statistic of this event, but for sure our expectations were exceeded. Despite of the economic problems of the majorities of the countries, the federations sent to Irvine-Glasgow maybe not the full teams but for sure the best of it; this will lead to a high level of the championship and we are sure that all the participants will appreciate it.

The referees started their first meeting with a presentation of the ?hot points? of the WUKF rules followed by the Master Training that faced the referees with the Shotokan Master, Sensei Jean Paul Fischer ? 8th DANand the the Wado Ryu Master, Sensei Kando Shibamori, 8th DAN. In 2 hours the masters pointed the most important aspects that the referees must evaluate during the competition for Shotokan and Wado styles. It was a good moment that the referees used to clarify and uniform the Kata evaluation for these two styles, on next events the other styles will benefit of same method.

After the lunch generously offered by the organizers, the referees continued their training by several workshops very opportune conducted by the president of the Referee Commission, Mr. Sever Cucu. The presented subjects were intense discussed into a friendship atmosphere among the referees and coaches together. The Chief Referees had a special separate meeting for discussing the specific of their job for the next 3 days, identifying the small lacks or unclear expressions of the WUKF competition rules that will have to be corrected in the near future. The programed activities were finished at 17:30 and the referees were invited to a short visit of the city and a cocktail meeting offered by the organizers

2012 SCOTTISH KARATE ALLIANCE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Friday, March 30, 2012 The 2012 Scottish Karate Alliance  ( SKA )National Championships were hosted by Sensei Kenny Davis Zanshin  Karate Club and  held at Kirkintilloch Sports Centre , Glasgow .

With  the SKA hosting the 2012 WUKF Senior and veterans Europen Championships 5 weeks later competition for places in the Scottish team was fierce . In the end David Carter retained the male advanced kumite with a repeat of 2011 final against David Gazeley  .The only worry at the event was the foot injury to David Woods ,which was initially thought to be broken , turned out to be badly bruised and all three men are looking forward to being in  the team for the  European?s along with Colin Cuthbert . In the male veterans Murray Grier took the gold ,his first gold andwhat  a perfect time to come good .

Rosanne Line won the ladies kumite beating Ashley Gwynne and Carolann Donaghy the ladies veterans
David Carter won the male kata ,with David Gazeley 2nd and david Woods 3rd .Nikki Raeside took first in the ladies kata ,Kirsten Martin 2nd and Jen Black 3rd . Lenbukai  ladies won the team kata  .

The event will be remembered for the high standard of behaviour and courtesy shown by officials and athletes beside the high level of technical ability.


AMA International Open, 25th-26th Feb 2012, Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield, UK Tuesday, March 27, 2012 The International Open has long been an important event in the calendar for many competitors, attracting entrants from across the globe. Ponds Forge as a venue has a great deal to recommend it: the excellent facilities for spectators, competitors and officials; an impressive track record in hosting international events in a wide variety of disciplines; superb support staff;  central location and ease of accessibility. Add to this the established culture of international competition in the historic steel city of Sheffield and all the ingredients are in place for a great tournament.
This year`s event saw over 450 entrants from 17 countries and 58 different groups or federations (including some from outside the WUKF) over the two days. The WUKF statutes do not exclude other organisations from participating in their events, encouraging exchange of skills and friendship. The WUKF kumite disciplines of Shobu Ippon, Shobu Nihon and Shobu Sanbon as well as team and individual kata events were contested, kata on the Saturday and kumite on the Sunday.
Organiser Peter Allen, 7th dan and AMA Vice President commented; "This has always been an important tournament for us, but we are very excited to be part of the WUKF organisation. This year`s event promises to be amongst the best yet, with many countries and federations already enquiring about next year`s championships".
Refereeing was overseen by WUKF Chief Referee Sever Cucu and AMA`s senior official Mark Drake. Mr Cucu held a referees` seminar over the Friday and the Saturday and an impressive line-up of referees and judges was in attendance keeping the six matted areas busy.

The choice of Sheffield for this year`s International was apposite for another reason. Peter Allen and the AMA have been granted the rights to host next year`s Junior European Championships and have selected the English Institute of Sport, a few miles away as the venue.

It is also noteworthy that representatives of all the major karate federations in England were in attendance, including the three groups making up the newly-formed English Karate Council: hosts AMA, FEKO and Karate England, and all three had representatives ascend to the medal podium.

Harry Crook of SASKA proved a great all-rounder taking golds in three events: junior boys` Wado kata, weapons kata and boys` kumite.

Predictably, the  Host  AMA group  topped  the  medal table  with by far the largest  contingent present, but  notable  were  Melissa Holmes  who  took  Gold in Shito and  All Style  kata, silver in Shobu Sanbon and bronze  in the  Shobu Ippon kumite. Other multiple, medallists from the AMA were Danielle Dunn with gold and two silvers, Sam Ernst with gold, silver and bronze, and Charlortte Bowie with a silver and  two  bronze medals all in kata.

 Young Iyad Ali of ESKF took three kata medals including two first place trophies. FEKO, ESKF, Heian Ryu and Tai Kai all did well in the overall medal table, but of the visitors, the Ukraine team was impressive with four golds, five silvers and a bronze.  Chris Galea`s group from Malta has been a long time supporter of this event and his clan did his country proud with the Galea family taking six of the small island`s nine medals.

The small group from Georgia tallied 5 medals including one from their national President Mzetchabuki Makharadze who was narrowly beaten in the Male Veterans` kumite by FEKO`s Jason Smith. The male heavyweight kumite matched Karate England`s John Anderson against the big Georgian, Kaxa Egnatashvil, with the home fighter taking the title.
The female Vets` kumite title was taken by Dudley`s Mandie Read, a former WUKF champion in kata too. Her gold was more impressive as she was complaining of back pain during the warm up.  The male Shotokan kata title was taken by Marco Mobilio, current WUKF World Champion, with Unsu.
The weekend  was  one of  cordiality and great  friendship, as  typifies   WUKF events, and all  are in eager anticipation  of  not only  next  year`s event, but  also  the upcoming  WUKF European Championships in Irvine, and the Junior  Europeans in Sheffield in 2013.
 Sever Cucu  expressed his pleasure  with  the  standard of  the refereeing  and  organizer Peter Allen  praised  the  support team including  the Ponds Forge team and  the  event  coordinator, the ever reliable  Jeff Grace.

Martyn Skipper  4th Dan AMA Public Relations Officer

D?monstration Karat?-Handikarat? - Bordeaux - France Monday, January 16, 2012 Dans l?objectif de favoriser le rapprochement des personnes handicap?es et valides dans la r?alisation d un projet sportif commun, l Acad?mie Bushikai Karate Do (ABKF - membre de WUKF) est intervenue le 11 novembre 2011 pour une d?monstration de Karat? ? Handikarat? dans le cadre du Salon des Sports Conforexpo de Bordeaux - France.
La vocation d?ABKF est d?velopper les rencontres entre les pratiquants de Karat? Do valides et handicap?s pour s`entra?ner ensemble et r?aliser des d?monstrations.
Dans ce but, Monsieur Olivier HA, personne handicap?e, ceinture noire 2? Dan WUKF, et Monsieur V?datri SADA, ceinture noire 4? Dan WUKF , instructeur f?d?ral europ?en FEKAMT, ont montr? que des personnes handicap?es peuvent, avec toutes les adaptations, s?approprier totalement le Karat? Do.
Ils sont intervenus en ?quipe et ont r?alis? la d?monstration en simultan?.
Ce projet ?tait supervis? par Monsieur Richard SADA, psychoth?rapeute, dans le cadre d`un projet de d?veloppement Territoires et R?seaux.

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