Federations wishing to become members of WUKF may fill this form:

Click here to go to Membership Form Application

Complete the form and e-mail it to Mr. Liviu Crisan: president@wukf-karate.org

All the payments must to be sent to our Bank.

WUKF - World Union of Karate-Do Federations - Account
Name of entity WUKF - World Union of Karate Do Federations
Headquarters Rue de Hermee, 102 - 4040 Herstal Belgium
Name of Bank ING BANK
Address Parc Industriel des Hauts Sarts-1ere Avenue, 257, 4040 Herstal
City / Country Herstal / Belgium
Code IBAN BE84 3631 3259 1259
Phone - Fax Phone: +32 04 248 47 70
Fax: +32 04 248 47 78


Please pay to your bank the transaction (transfer) fees as well as we shall receive the total amount of the fee in our account.
Also, please specify the type of fee you are doing the transaction (for example: annual fee, competition fees) and on behalf of what organization.