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Kobudo Rules References

  1. There will be 6 Kobudo Sections with 10 Categories each as per Information Categories on WUKF Website.
  2. Any Competitor can enter different Sections (max of 6 different Weapons).
  3. Competitor has to enter ONLY one category per section.
  4. There will be 3 rounds (same as WUKF Kata rules).
  5. Competitor can repeat the Kata in each round going to the final.
  6. 5 Judges will give points with the highest and lowest points opted out from the total mark.
  7. All the criteria for Normal Kata judgement will apply, keeping in mind that the weapon is an extension of the hand.
  8. 2 Tatamis will be fully dedicated for Kobudo Categories during the whole event. (When Kobudo is finished, tatami will continue be used for normal Kata/Kumite Euro Categories).
  9. Medals will be awarded at the medal ceremony for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

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