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October 3rd 2016 The main categories has been updated.

October 3rd 2016 The General Program has been updated.

September 12th 2016 Added the Montichiari Excursions offer.

August 21st 2016 The link to the Coach Transfer Application Form has been corrected.

August 17th 2016 Adapted Competition Categories are now available.

August 6th 2016 The Competition Categories are now available.

July 24th 2016: The General Program and the Competition Program have been updated.

July 22nd 2016: The Airport Transfer Form and Hotel Reservation Form have been updated.

July 13th 2016: Added the General Program, Map Location and Invitation Letter.

June 25th 2016: The Airport Brochure and the Venue Location Brochure have been added to HOW TO ARRIVE / TRANSFERS